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References to Sark's history, some quite comprehensive will also be found in Channel Island and Guernsey publications on our C.I. Books page. Some works of Sark fiction also contain historical facts and period photographs.

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Brecqhou-A Very Private Island

BRECQHOU - A Very Private Island. Limited numbers available, the only book ever published on the history of this fascinating island. A must for anyone with an interest in the Channel Islands.   Click here for details.

Sark A Feudal Fraud

SARK - A Feudal Fraud? Peter J. Rivett 1999. A re-print of this popular book, a new challenging look at  Sark History which was re-printed during 2005 in a newly designed blue cover. 240 pages, illustrated. £8-50 

A Handful of Dust. Aidan Monaghan 2017. Island Manager on Brecqhou, Aidan's first published book. This poignant, stirring and incredibly moving collection of poetry will give the reader much to reflect upon. Spend some time with this fascinating poet, and absorb the journey he perfectly depicts, through the deepest, darkest corners of life and death, with all its emotional turbulence, and you will never view life, death and the bits in between in quite the same way again. Available from Amazon as a a paperback here:-

or the Kindle version here:-

SAINT MAGLOIRE Patron Saint of Sark. Martin Remphry 2010. (New publication). Delightful 8 page booklet researched and written by Martin (a Sarkee) with the added bonus of being illustrated by his unique and professional artistic talent. Did you know that Sark had a Patron Saint? Did you know that he was King Arthur's nephew and a skilled dragon slayer? Do you know which day is St. Magloire's Day?........ Unlikely if you haven't read this publication. Available from the author:

THE ISLE IS FULL OF VOICES: a novel for children set on Sark.  Two brothers and their sister holidaying on the island are expecting the long summer days, the cliffs and caves, and the steep paths down to the beach, but not the mystery into which they stumble... Whose are the voices they hear in the open-topped cave? Who is Harrison, and how did he get left behind? What are the men with the black boxes looking for? And what, ultimately, is the secret of the Window in the Rock? Written in the tradition of Alan Garner and Susan Cooper for readers between 8 and 12, available for Kindle e-readers at for only £1.53.

Book of Sark

THE BOOK OF SARK. John Oxenham & William Toplis, 21 colour plates of Sark, reproduced by Carl Hentschel & Co., from exhibits in the Royal Academy and other paintings in oil and watercolour by William A. Toplis. Published by Hodder & Stoughton 1908. One of 500 now very rare copies signed by the author and artist (this No. 320 originally sold to Sir Alfred Wills, Mountaineer, Judge of the High Court of England & Wales and President of the Alpine Club. Contributions by Prof. T.G. Bonney on the geology and E.D. Marquand on the flora of the island. Original cream vellum with gold title and tooling to cover and spine. A very clean bright copy. £1050

TOPLIS ARTIST OF SARK. The Biography of Wm. A. Toplis (1857-1942). Paul Toplis 1995. Although a biography, there is much in the text concerned with life on Sark in the late 19th and early 20th century. The book includes details of 'The Book of Sark' and details of Toplis' paintings. Card covers, 190 pages. £20 

SARK: The Gem of the Channel Islands. Mrs. Henry Bowles, 1906. Cloth covered, 80 pages with 39 B/W photos. Not a history of Sark, but rather a fine record of the island at the end of the 19th century. Very scarce £85

THE ISLAND OF SARK. Rev J.L.V. Cachemaille 1928. The earliest comprehensive history of Sark. This scarce work is based on a series of articles written for Clarke's Guernsey Magazine in the 1870's. Green cloth covered hardback, title to spine £180

INDEX to The Island of Sark by J.L.V. Cachemaille. A 52 page booklet compiled by Susan Synnott with an introduction by David Synnott. Cachemailles 'Island of Sark' is perhaps the most useful of all published Sark history books, which unfortunately didn't have an index. This is now available due to Susan Synnott's diligent study of Cachemaille's book. For further details please contact Susan direct at

Other Sark publications available from La Société Serquaise available here:


THE STORY OF SARK: A.R. De Carteret 1956. A history of Sark with small map and photographs. hardback cloth covered. Written in two parts, the first gives the unique history and story of Sark, and in the comprehensive Appendices there are the original versions of representative documents which illustrate the historical development of the Island and its customs. Hard cover with dustjacket, 180 pages with six illustrations. £36

SARK AS I FOUND IT Captain Ernest Platt 1935. Cloth covered hardback with an unwell dustjacket. A description of Sark and its way of life in the post Great War period. Map and nine photographic illustrations, 80 pages. £60

PICTURE POST MAGAZINE. 1938. Contains a six page article about Dame Hathaway entitled 'She Rules An Island'  Nineteen unique photos. £24


THE CONSTITUTION OF SARK. A.J. Barnett. Published 1977, compiled in 1972 for the Cambridge University Examinations Syndicate by a Sark student. Comprises of a brief history of the island, Sark's constitutional status with the U.K., its local legislative, judicial and administrative arrangements, together with a list of treiziemes paid from 1860 to 1969. Card covers, 28 pages. £11

THE FIEF of SARK: A.R. de Carteret & A.H. Ewan 1969. A much valued and sort after history of Sark, covering its early history in detail. It includes a short survey of the principle houses, lists of tenants, Seigneurs, Greffiers, ministers and Seneschals; outline genealogy of the notable families and details of some original documents. Photographic illustrations, pull-out map (often missing), card covers, 190 pages £45

THE ROYAL SARK MILITIA. Bethia J. Hurden. An illustrated 42 page booklet detailing the history of the Sark Militia. 1992.  £12

VENUS POOL. Simon Watson, 1975. A children's story set in Sark. Small format hardcover with dustjacket. £10

Guide to the Coast, Caves and Bays of Sark: G. & L. Latrobe, 5th edition. 19754. Numerous drawings and plans with fourteen photographs, with large pull-out map (usually missing). A good copy, £22

Souvenir of Isle of Sark, C.I. 12 B/W island photos with protective tissue guards. circa 1910. Quite rare. £40

The Channel Islands under Tudor Government, 1845-1642. A study in Administrative History. Cloth covered hardback with illustrations and inscription of Arthur Bradbury, Artist of Sark. (1949). £27

SARK: Ken Hawkes 1977. 1st edition, pictorial board covers. A detailed and well illustrated history of Sark and Brecqhou. good bibliography and indexes. 169 pages. £19.

SARK A FEUDAL SURVIVAL: S. M. Toyne 1959. Cloth covered hardback with dustjacket. Small map and engravings. A book on the early history of Sark. Toyne was a former headmaster of St. Peter's School, York and has written a number of works on medieval history. 41 pages £32

 Natgeographic. Magazine 1932

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC MAGAZINE, July 1932, containing an article: THE FEUDAL ISLAND OF SARK, where 16th century laws are still observed. 19 page article written by Dame Sybil Hathaway on Sark's history, laws and customs, 21 good photographs. £27

The Sark Hoard

THE SARK HOARD. D.F. Allen, Esq., C.B., M.A., F.B.A., F.S.A. for the Society of Antiquaries of London, 31 large format pages, superb photos, diagrams and drawings. A very detailed report of the ancient treasure found at La Vaurocque, Sark in 1718. £23

The Romance of History

THE ROMANCE OF HISTORY Henry Neele, 1899. A collection of novels including 'Nuptials at Sark' with historical summaries. Hardback, blind embossed cover and spine, faded title to spine. 598 pages  £28

CLIFFS of SARK. Gordon Volk, 1950's. A now rare novel set in Sark, written in a similar style to John Oxenham. £36

Carette of sark

CARETTE of SARK: John Oxenham, Hodder & Stoughton edition circa 1910. Cloth covered hardback. A popular novel set in Sark and the Isle of Brecqhou, 255 pages. £29

PHILIPPE. E. Gallienne Robin, 1920/30. A novel set in Sark and the other Channel Islands. Card covers, 260 pages. £29

GARDEN OF CYMODOCE. T. Preston Battersby. Decorated hard cover with gilt title to spine, in good condition. Lovely hand written presentation text dated 1906 to front end paper. Black and white engravings. A rare novel set in Sark circa 1905. The only copy I've ever come across in over thirty years. £82

AT THE LEAP OF SAN JUAN- A Sark Story. E. Gallienne Robin, 1898. A rare Victorian novel set in Sark. Photographic illustrations. £42

Carette of Sark

CARETTE of SARK: John Oxenham, Hodder & Stoughton, the preferred first edition of 1907. Cloth covered hardback with vignette of Carette on cover, 16 black and white photographs produced especially for this book. A classic novel set in Sark and the Isle of Brecqhou, 380 pages. £48

A Man of Sark

A MAN OF SARK. John Oxenham 1907, 1st edition printed in New York. A rarity indeed! John Oxenham's 'Carette of Sark' under a different title. Vignette of Carette on front cover, illustrated, map and list of Sark tenants in 1800. £50

Perilous-Lovers.jpg (9569 bytes)

THE PERILOUS LOVERS. John Oxenham, 1924. Cloth covered with some surface wear. A novel set in Sark during the early days of its colonization by the Seigneur of St. Ouen. £34

Maid of Sark

MAID OF SARK:  Sibyl Hathaway (Dame of Sark) a translation of a French story set in Sark by Pierre Pannier, 8 illustrations, some in colour from paintings by J.M.W. Turner. Dark blue cloth with title in pale gilt, some marks to cover but otherwise a good copy. £28

MaidofSarkDJ.JPG (10815 bytes)

MAID OF SARK:  Sibyl Hathaway (Dame of Sark) a translation of a French story set in Sark by Pierre Pannier, 8 illustrations, some in colour from paintings by J.M.W. Turner. Dustjacket showing its age. Copies uncommon with dustjacket. £39

SARK DISCOVERED: Leonard Clark 1956, 1st edition. A literary and pictorial book on the Island of Sark, its history, its people and its scenic beauty. Blue cloth covered hardback with photo and map on dustjacket. 75 pages £18.

.WAR ON SARK Julia Tremayne 1981. From 1 July 1940 to 14 May 1945 Julia Tremayne and the other inhabitants of Sark were cut off from the mainland of Britain by the German invasion and Occupation. Mrs Tremayne's letters during this time to her daughter in England did not reach their destination until after the War. The letters were written at some risk and Mrs Tremayne was constantly urged to destroy them. Fortunately they survived, to give a remarkable picture of conditions on the beleaguered Island, and remain a fascinating memorial to the courage and endurance of the Islanders. 200 pages, illustrated hardback with good dustjacket. £15

venus.jpg (37021 bytes)

APPOINTMENT WITH VENUS: Jerrard Tickell, 1953 Re-print Society. Fictional light hearted account of the rescue of a prize cow from the island of Sark during the German Occupation. Made into a film made on location in Sark starring Barry Jones, David Niven and Glynnis Johns. Blue cloth covered hardback with good dustjacket. £19

HITLER INVADED SARK: Michael Marshall 1963. Condensed authorative history of the German occupation of Sark during WWII. Photographs and diagrams. 60 pages.  £11

Hutchinsons.jpg (11419 bytes)

Hutchinson's BRITAIN BEAUTIFUL. Magazine from 1923 with seventeen pages of text and photos of the Channel Islands including: Old Well, Corbiere lighthouse, Elizabeth Castle, Farm house kitchen, Old mill, Valley des Vaux, Belcroute Bay and Vinchelez Lane, Grosnez point, Needle rock, Gorey and Mont Orgueil castle, near St. Catherine's Bay, near Bonne Nuit, Water Lane at Moulin Huet, Moulin Huet Bay, Petit Bot Bay, Old Mill at Petit Bot, Moye Point, Gouffre, Gull rocks at Pleinmont, The Sisters in Alderney, Alderney cows, St. Anne, Creux Derrible, Prison, Creux harbour, Les Autelets, View from Little Sark, Herm Harbour.  £26

ILLUSTRATED "PRESS" GUIDE TO SARK 1933. Guide to the caves, bays and cliffs of Sark, with a short history, period adverts and map.  £24


ILLUSTRATED "PRESS" GUIDE TO SARK. Guide to the caves, bays and cliffs of Sark, with a short history, period adverts and map. Not dated but probably 1948. £24

ILLUSTRATED "PRESS" GUIDE TO SARK. Guide to the caves, bays and cliffs of Sark, with a short history, period adverts and map. Not dated but probably 1950. £24

ILLUSTRATED "PRESS" GUIDE TO SARK. Guide to the caves, bays and cliffs of Sark, with a short history, period adverts and map. Not dated but probably 1951. £24

ILLUSTRATED "PRESS" GUIDE TO SARK. Guide to the caves, bays and cliffs of Sark, with a short history, period adverts and map. Not dated post 1949. £24

SARK Official Guide & Brochure 1959. Illustrated guides to the island with short history, pull-out map, period photos and adverts. £14 each


SARK Official Guide & Brochure 1961. Illustrated guides to the island with short history, pull-out map, period photos and adverts. £14 each. (1961 & 1964 also available)

Samaritan of the Isles

SAMARITAN of THE ISLES. Don K. Everitt 1956 hardback in good dustjacket. The book covers the setting up of the St. John Ambulance Brigade in Guernsey under the leadership of Reg Blanchford G.M. O.B.E.  Also details the marine ambulance 'Flying Christine' and its mercy missions to Herm, Sark and Brecqhou. £27  

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